Film Series Promoting A Luxury Residential Development

"The Way Of The Beach"

Weligama is a uniquely picturesque town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

"The Way OF Weligama" is a captivating series of short films designed to showcase the vibrant culture and traditions that create the enchanting lifestyle of Weligama, attracting new residents and investors looking to own a piece of this paradise. Crafted as part of the South Beach development initiative, these films aim to promote the area for sustainable growth and cultural diversity.

"Hero Film"

Each short film encapsulates the essence of Weligama, highlighting its rich traditions, warm hospitality, and breathtaking landscapes.

"The Way Of The Water"

Viewers embark on a visual journey through the bustling fisherman's village, unique forests and riding the waves, immersing themselves in the daily rhythms of life here. From the mesmerising stilt fishermen perched above the Indian Ocean to the vibrant local ingredients pulsating with colours and aromas, the films capture the authenticity and charm of Weligama.

"The Way Of The Forest"

The series also delves into the community's dedication to sustainable living, showcasing eco-friendly practices and initiatives that contribute to the preservation of the area’s cultures and natural beauty. Through heartfelt narratives and stunning cinematography, “The Way Of Weligama" serves as a compelling invitation for visitors and investors alike, encouraging them to engage with the area's unique offerings and contribute to its sustainable and diverse future.

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