A full service production company delivering award winning digital campaigns, commercials and films for bold brands and important causes.

We’re unique in the way we believe we have a responsibility to create more of what the world needs and less of what it doesn’t. That’s why we’re passionate about only creating for brands, causes and people that align with our core values.

What we do best

Commercials + TV

High Calibre Commercial Directors

Premium Production Services

Global TV Commercials

Branded Film Content


Visual Storytelling

Digital + Social

Nimble Production Approaches

Cross Platform Creative Thinking

Digital Campaigns

YouTube Series

Influencer Partnerships

360 + VR Content

Accessible Content

Accessible Content Planning

Inclusive Specific Creative

Sign Language

Closed Captions / Subtitles

Audio Descriptions

Neurodiverse Testing


2x 4K Edit Suites

Offline Workflows

Colour Grading

Sound Design + Music

Voiceover Recording

Online+ Clearance + Localisation

Animation + VFX

Multidisciplinary Animation Artists

2D + 3D Animation

Visual Storytelling

Visual Effects + Compositing

Motion Graphics

Chromakey / Rotoscoping


World Class Photographers

Studio / On Location Production

Creative + Planning + Retouching




How it works

Our philosophy is to scour every corner of the earth in search of wisdom we can all learn from, embrace and share.

Strive To Be Better

When we learned that 'Kaizen' wasn't something we could order in our local sushi bar - it's the Japanese concept of “continuous progress” - we embraced it. We encourage our partners to join us on this quest to challenge the norms and strive to be better every day, gaining us the creative edge on competitors.

Keep It Simple, Get Results

In the moon race the USA spent millions designing anti-gravity pens, the Soviet Union used pencils. This resonates with our modular approach to being resourceful, nimble and creative. The result being that we get the most value out of every budget, for every project and client, every single time.

Further Together

Through our development projects like 'Daughters of Malawi' and 'MAHOUT' we've grown to have a special affinity with the developing world. One of our favourite African proverbs is 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together'. Let's embark on an epic journey together.

People & Planet before Profit

A hard working creative culture, delivering messages that inform, entertain and inspire audiences to live healthier, enjoy life responsibly, act with equality and protect the natural world. These are the values that matter to all of us and creative film making is our superpower to promote them.
JD | Founder | Exec. Producer

He's across everything and involved deeply with all teams and departments to get the best result for our clients and Pink Banana. He's one of your first nurturing points of contact for the company. At a party he's the nice guy that brings crates of beer and offers it to everyone in arms reach, he's the last one there at the end of the night, helps clean up and gets up at 6am and climbs a mountain.

VERITY | Production Coordinator

Our community dream. Everything Vez touches turns into gold and there's always a genuine care at the heart of everything she puts her mind to. She's an organisational machine, championing our inclusive sector and working towards ensuring content is accessible to all walks of life. At a party she just ordered pizzas for everyone and said it's her treat. Bloody legend.

LUNA | Mascot

Our core. Luna is Pink Banana Studio's brightest shining star! A rescue pup who is both our fierce protector and gentle little baby. She's the one greeting you at the door the moment you walk through, alerting you to any arrivals and project opportunities that might be on the horizon. At a party she's most likely being utterly adored by everyone and anyone who could have a chance to cuddle her.

CHRIS | Senior Editor

Our machine of a senior editor. Imagine this - you're falling into a never ending abyss of footage, clips and edits you don't even know how to begin and then, right before hitting the ground this guy catches you with his annoyingly chiseled arms. Post has been saved! At a party he's pouring the shots and beating you in chess at the same time. What a picture of perfection.

MARJIN | Colourist

Cure for colour. Marijn has an eye for exquisite detail. He's that guy that at the end of a long creative journey adds those finishing touches onto your film that makes your heart melt in your chest. At a party Marijn is most likely inspiring you with a long list of films he says you just have to see, and has most likely drunk you under the table an hour into the night.

KEV | Music Composer

The sound sensation. He's our go to composer who really makes us all feel utterly talentless next to him. He can master about any instrument and also make you the perfectly emotive track to go along with your creative vision. At a party he's making instruments out of empty bottles and pizza boxes and then serenading everyone in perfect harmony with his magnum opus. 

Our ambition is to be the worlds most ethical full service production Company

We are awaiting B Corp accreditation, which legally requires us to consider the impact of our decisions on our team, clients, suppliers, community, and the environment. We believe good business starts with ourselves and passed on through governance, relationships and respect.

We commit to Green Production Guidelines that require us to minimise our production footprint and waste. We strive to find practices and suppliers that help us achieve zero waste and a carbon negative impact on the planet. We also believe we can inspire others in our community to be better at creating responsibly.

our clients and partners know we take climate change and biodiversity loss seriously. they love knowing we're not just offsetting, we're being Net positive. 2% of our revenue goes to The World Land Trust's protect and acre program. This surcharge is clearly itemised on our estimates and invoices.

All People should be paid fairly to live well, not just to get by. unfortunately the current minimum wage doesn't quite cut it, so we've committed to paying a real living wage, based on the true cost of living in London.