Digital Anti-Bullying Campaign for EE


Hope United is a groundbreaking campaign at the forefront of championing diversity and eradicating hate within the realm of football and sprot in general. This cross platform campaign including online education, policy change, events and TV commercials, delves into the experiences of footballers from all home nations.

Antibullying Online Learning Course Content

ENG - Part 1

ENG - Part 2

Mobilising the buy-in from the big names in the sport we hope to educate young players and grass-roots clubs alike, to stamp out hate in football.  

With a resolute commitment to sharing real stories that foster inclusivity, this video series strives to create a united front against discrimination, ensuring that the beautiful game remains a symbol of unity and shared passion.

WAL - Part 1

Founded on the principles of equality, Hope United aims to transcend cultural, racial, and gender boundaries, fostering an environment where every player and fan feels valued and embraced. The campaign serves as a powerful catalyst for change, challenging prejudice and bigotry that may tarnish the sport's spirit.

WAL - Part 2

By bringing together players, clubs, and supporters under the banner of Hope United, the campaign aspires to amplify voices against hate, promoting understanding and harmony. Embracing the global nature of football, it seeks to celebrate the rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives within the sport, emphasising that diversity is not only its strength but also an integral part of its identity.

Hope United beckons everyone to join hands in this collective endeavour, promoting a vision where the football community stands united against discrimination, becoming a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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