True Stories - Rethink Dating

We worked with Badoo to re-think dating adverts.

We agreed that the British public are overfed models having the perfect date and wanted to serve them something more “this could happen to me” from the dating app world. The result was a progressive, cheeky and fairly risqué web series showing honest dating stories with real people in some of the hilarious and memorable dating situations you can imagine.

Series Teaser/Trailer

Episode 1. - Vegan Condom

Episode 2. - Angry Couple

Episode 3. - Don't Come Knockin'

Episode 4. - Blind Date


Pink Banana Studios collaborated with Badoo’s UK brand director and In-house marketing team to create a “first of its kind” comedy web series for UK daters; sharing real Badoo user stories through the True Stories series.

Each story was brought to life by the Pink Banana creative team and the talented directing duo CHIPS. We recruited the help of some choice influencers too, but not as the heroic characters audiences would expect, because when you’re dating... those nightmare scenarios can even happen to influencers.


Seen by millions of viewers on YouTube, key to the campaign was acknowledging how audiences love to watch content today.

Episodes were posted weekly and Badoo UK saw a 610% increase in their YouTube activity during this time from 338 to 2400 subscribers. In conjunction to this, short, funny memes were posted to prompt further viewership across the channels. This proved to be the most successful means to showcase the brilliant comic moments and engage Badoo’s audiences.

3 of the videos had a 60% increased average view rate, with 2 of the videos passing 1M views each.

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