Cait Lyn Adamson

Inclusion in the workplace

A commitment to implimenting diversity and inclusion standards in the workplace and beyond

Above and Beyond

Written by Cait Lyn Adamson

During pride month there’s a lot of reeling from big brands that utilise a month of joy, celebration and liberation as a way to piggyback off the LGBTQ+ community. Authenticity and transparency are now more important than ever when it comes to companies and places of work.

Feeling at home, feeling seen and feeling included are something that is a luxury in many industries, not something that is standard in practice. As a production company and a creative agency we’re really trying to do more than just change our external logo and show our solidarity. We’re trying to create a platform and place of work that implements real change that we can be proud of.

Behind the scenes we’re implementing diversity standards and a real commitment to making sure we’re not just inclusive on the outside, but on the inside too. With a pending B Corp application, a whole inclusive branch dedicated to inclusion based content, and an ever expanding outreach of suppliers and collaborators we are actively evolving to ensure we are creating a safe space of equal and exciting opportunity. We’re committed to a more even representation of male, female and non binary crew above and below the line, and are creatively encouraging clients and brands we work with on the importance of on screen representation - guiding them on the power of diversity.  

At Pink Banana Studios we are celebrating diversity, inclusion and change not just one month in a year, but through the work that we do and who we create with.

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