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Go Vegan

A spotlight on some of the vegan brands we are inspired by.

Written by Jeremy Michaels

Turns out I'm a bit of a dinosaur. One of the carnivorous ones. Probably not a T-Rex. But whilst late to the game my lovely colleagues at PINKBANANA studios have inspired me to start a journey to be flexitarian, or at least reductionist. I posted about this last week with some thoughts about the next steps that some vegan brands might consider regarding sustainability and being more environmentally conscious. Today I want to celebrate three amazing vegan businesses doing inspiring, game-changing things in this space.

Firstly, hats off from me to the team a Blue Nalu. Their approach to 'cell-cultured seafood', in a sector becoming increasingly known as 'Alt-seafood', is not just healthy for fish eaters, but also supports the sustainability and diversity of our seas and oceans. I'm not going to try and explain 'the science bit' so I'll leave it to the team at The Fish Site.  All I will add here is that as pioneers in this space, I'm definitely excited to see what next for them.

Next, credit where credit is due. Vegan businesses - and this kind of disruption - can't happen without financing. Bankers and venture capitalists don't win many popularity contests. But fair play to Capital V who are one of a growing number of investors in this space. I found it fascinating to find out more about investment in vegan companies in this article in The Vegan Review. Turns out we don't need to be Masters of The Universe with millions to invest: we can all have an impact at a micro level also.

Finally, kudos to the team at Upside Foods who, rather than looking for meat substitutes, have developed 'cultured meat'. They recognise that chicken is the most consumed meat in the US, as well as crossing cultural divides ound the world. They use cells from multiple breeds of chicken and eggs and have products now available in Singapore. Next stop - post FDA approval - is the US. Coming soon to an eatery near you then.

Vegan brands, financiers and scientists, disrupting the world of food for the benefit all: we at PINK BANANA studios salute you.

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