Emma Masding

Our second HelloFresh Global TVC

Shooting and solving dinnner in an age of Covid

Written by Emma Masding

This month we created a TVC with the wonderful HelloFresh team. HelloFresh is a long-term client of Pink Banana’s and over the years, we’ve gotten to know the intricacies of how to help make HelloFresh content perform well, collaborating together by combining the HelloFresh insights and creative hypothesis from their extensive data with Pink Banana’s production knowledge and practical creative solutions to bring these ideas to life.

For this one, HelloFresh came to us with a challenge to help them test a new concept and a new idea, but quickly. The aim was to air it first in Australia and New Zealand, as host to those in the world who are lucky enough to be out and about a lot more than others! But then also, we all did such a good job that you’ll also be able to watch it on your TVs in the UK too soon.

Key for this project was addressing logistical challenges and producing it quickly to get it on air ready to test. We worked together incredibly efficiently pulling together a global TVC in less than 3 weeks.

Preparation success was down to a keen eye to detail and collaboration between the Pink Banana production team, Director and HelloFresh teams to get sign off on everything from which plate to use, to which food dish to feature; steak of course. We also integrated live footage with brilliant VfX to showcase the technology led product HelloFresh provides, prepared in advance to speed up post production.

Then once we got to set, we kept numbers down for Covid safety, we tested all those entering set beforehand and it was brilliant to see how well people worked with the stripped down crew and fast turn around. It was also a star in the making debut for our ultra talented Director Ben to direct his first UK TVC.

While with branded content, meeting the brief is the key ingredient to success and with the HelloFresh team being based in Berlin, we of course couldn’t fly them over (as Boris said so) — so we had our account team on hand throughout the shoot to ensure the Director and crew were meeting the brand needs, while providing the opportunity to try things and adjust to feedback. Using the best technology HelloFresh firewalls would allow… WhatsApp!

The creative of the TVC championed ‘seamlessness’ and this was exactly what was achieved in the way the team worked behind the scenes. We’re so excited for you to see the footage when it airs in the next few weeks and perhaps will do something similar, swankier and multi lingual for the wider HelloFresh markets someday.

But for now — we love what the team has created; a team effort, accommodating multiple sign off needs and in a speedy way, a job well done.

TVC, Solved.

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